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Sissi's fascination with the mystical and the stars began early in life. Her Mum and aunts introduced her to astrology, planting the seeds of celestial wisdom. Growing up in Innsbruck, a small town surrounded by majestic mountains, green lakes and magical forests, she found herself deeply connected to legends of fairies, gnomes, nymphs and long forgotten spirits.


The breathtaking natural beauty of her surroundings inspired Sissi to look to the heavens with wonder. The shifting seasons and the dance of the moon taught her about the cyclic nature of everything and the stars became her companions, guiding her through life's ebbs and flows. As a Gemini Sun and Rising the stormy dance with change was indeed written in the stars for her and she became a master in embracing transition in all its facets - from a prosperous career as a sommelière in the wine business, to finding jobs for the unemployed in social service, to publishing a poetry book, to reading the stars as professional Astrologer - Sissi always followed her heart with great optimism, even though her path was not without massive challenges.

During the tumultuous times of the pandemic, she found tranquility and peace in yoga and meditation, opening herself up to new energies and perspectives. As soon as the borders opened again, she took a six-month sabbatical, seeking something she couldn't quite define but felt compelled to uncover.


Midway through her journey, Sissi's path intersected with a fateful encounter that would change her life's course. Instead of going to South America as planned originally, Sissi spontaneously followed the recommendation from a girl she met and booked herself in the Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center Hariharalaya in Siem Reap. It was here that she crossed paths with Hani, the shaman of Hariharalaya.

After meeting Hani, her life took an unforeseen and enchanting turn. Love blossomed, and their shared desire to explore Life opened doors to extraordinary experiences. Together, they began a transformative journey, deepening their connection and love for each other.


Sissi's encounter with Hani led her to delve deeper into the realms of spirituality, astrology and of course, her eternal companion poetry. As she crafted one of her poems, she realized that she was channeling words from the Source. It was during one of these writing sessions that the words spoke clearly, urging her to channel for others. With this profound insight, she embraced her role as a channeler, offering channeling and psychic readings to those seeking clarity in their lives, eager to listen to the voice of their soul.

Sissi's journey, from a sky-gazing child to an intuitive astrologer and a healing channeler, is a tribute to the power of embracing the mystical, following one's heart, and discovering the boundless magic and wisdom that reside within.


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