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Black Moon Lilith Ceremony

13th December 2023, 19:00, Jupiter's Eye - Shamanism & Astrology

This is not a nice and pleasant women's gathering.

This is a wild, raw and bold unraveling.

Time to break dusty rules and rusty chains,

Time to step up, speak up and take up space.

Let's dive into our sacred darkness within.

Let's redefine freedom, rage, passion and sin.

Let's drum and howl and dance around the flames

Let's follow Liliths call to play - free and untamed.


If you feel the call to reconnect with the Black Moon Goddess Lilith, this women's only* ceremony is for you. We will explore and de-demonize the legend of Lilith, connect with our own sacred darkness in a shamanic journey, and release old patterns of suppressing the Lilith within us in a powerful fire ritual.

Join Sissi to embrace and embody your divine feminine energy on this special new moon night, when the stars (and Lilith) couldn't be more aligned for facing our shadows, breaking free, and stepping into our full power!


What to expect:

  • Exploring the archetype of the Black Moon Goddess Lilith through mythology, astrology and poetry

  • A shamanic journey to connect with your own Lilith power, face and embrace your shadows, and receive Lilith’s divine messages

  • A powerful fire ritual to burn old patterns, karmic bonds and limiting thoughts, once and for all

Please bring:

  • your journal and pen

  • an eye mask or scarf for the shamanic journey

  • any crystal, talisman, photo or whatever you feel drawn to (if you don’t feel like bringing anything, that’s also fine)

  • please note that the ritual will be outside in our garden-area and the temperatures in December can get a bit crisp

What's provided:

  • Tea and fruits (Staying hydrated during ceremonies is very important, so please also bring your reusable water bottle to fill.)

  • your personal Lilith gift to keep

How to attend:

  • Send an email to to book

  • Pay 25$ in advance via ABA, revolut transfer or cash to confirm

  • There is a limited number of available spots, so be sure to book yours soon


About your host:

Jupiter's Eye Shamanism & Astrology is a sacred space for healing, transformation and spiritual growth. Co-founder Sissi is an astrologer, poet, spiritual healer and channeling voice for the divine feminine and Lilith in particular.

*Transwomen are women, so also more than welcome.


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