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Eclipse Season October 2023

solar eclipse

We are in the middle of the eclipse season, with the powerful solar eclipse in Libra behind us, heading towards the intense lunar eclipse on the Scorpio/Taurus axis on the 29th of October 2023. As eclipses are not only affecting our individual lives, but also bring a shift within the collective, we are all being taught deep lessons of letting go, readjusting our values and stepping up for ourselves.

The time between eclipses always feels like a vacuum to me. Like the space between two breaths. The nothing that everything is being created from. The line between who we are and who we want to be seen as vanishes and the darkness within us comes up to the surface and wants us to look at it. All of it.

Time moves differently in these 2 weeks. Faster, sharper, much more intense and at the same time, if you dare to listen, it has so much stillness to offer. The world outside seems to burn itself to the ground with one endless blaring howl, but if you are brave enough to stop focusing on the outside and turn inward, the universe wraps you in pristine tranquility. Can you hear the powerful silence of your own essence? Feel the steady pulse of your own soul?

Yes, we are in the eye of the storm right now. Do we hide under blankets of pseudo safety and 3D convenience until it consumes and destroys us? Or do we embrace it and join forces with it to promote this oh so necessary purification process of realignment?


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