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Spring Equinox And Astrological New Year

Yesterday at 10:06 am the spring equinox happened here in Siem Reap. While we celebrated the last fall Equinox in October with thousands of people at Angkor Wat, we felt more like solitude this time. 

In a private ceremony at West Baray lake near Siem Reap, we connected deeply with the elements, with our own roots and with the cosmos to welcome this moment of total harmony, when everything in the universe is perfectly aligned. 

Feeling how the sun moves through the cosmic gap, the last degree of Pisces into the first degree of Aries, is always a moment of complete balance. There is exactly as much light as there is darkness. End and beginning melt together. The serpent biting its own tail. It is a sacred union, where timelines overlap, intertwine and weave new ones.

The sun entering Aries marks the beginning of the astrological new year. The Ram energy is active, impulsive, it initiates. It’s the spark of spring, of new life, new ideas, new creations that want to come through you. 

We felt this shift of energy deeply in our body, mind and soul while we were meditating through this sacred moment in time. It brought a lot of clearing and healing into the system and we channeled messages for this upcoming year straight from the source. With runestones drawn for each Zodiac season, we got some deep insights for this year that we are happy to share with you.

Since we are still in the transitional phase of the epochal change from earth to air era, things are still not going to be all smooth and nice. There will be gigantic breakthroughs, but also destruction. Finding the truth will seem hard at times. That’s why it is now more than ever so important to connect with our intuition, our higher self, and ground as much as we can. If we have a steady center and hold the connection to mother earth and the universe up, nothing can destabilize us so quickly. And the good thing is, the universe will give us phases to rest in between the intense periods. To feel more into ourselves. If something is right and meant for you, then you will feel it in your whole body. Your vibration rises. Let’s pay more attention to what our senses tell us, rather than the news, media or politicians. This form of communication is subtle. But oh so powerful.

Here are the messages for the specific periods of this astrological year:

Aries Season 20.03. - 18.04.2024

Rune: ᚷ

Message: Give. Give your gift. Recognize your gift, acknowledge it and then give give give. Give yourself to the world. Everything you give comes back threefold. You can clear and release old Karma around restricting responsibility now.

Taurus Season 19.04. - 19.05.2024

Rune: ᛟ

Make yourself a home wherever you are. You are your own safe space. Retreat and look within. Connect with your ancestors to strengthen your roots.

Gemini Season 20.05. - 20.06.2024

Rune: ᛉ

You are connected and protected. There will be floods of information, you don’t have to act on any of them. If you want to, make sure you have ALL the details before spreading it on. Make sure you feel the truth of it with every cell of your body for validation. Information from above is subtle, but it’s more valid than information from below. You can feel the difference. 

Cancer Season 21.06. - 21.07.2024

Rune: ᚢ

Stabilizing and grounding are much needed. Process what happened and integrate it. Do not let the emotions wash you away. Feel them, but don’t let them control you. Be steady in your core while you rearrange yourself.

Leo Season 22.07. - 21.08.2024

Rune: ᛝ

New starts can only happen if something old closes first. A new chapter is waiting for you to begin. The cosmic fire burns away what needs to be released and lights up your way to fresh starts. Anything is possible. 

Virgo Season 22.08. - 21.09.2024

Rune: ᚦ

Protection at all costs. Protect your wellbeing, your soul. If you need to step on someone else's toes in order to keep your own sovereignty, then don’t hesitate. Own your power and disrupt if you must to keep your peace.

Libra Season 22.09. - 22.10.2024

Rune: ᚺ

Change is inevitable. The more you fight it, the more brutal it tears down what you need to let go of. Yes, hail is painful, but it is necessary to cleanse whatever resists the rain to wash it away. Let go.

Scorpio Season 23.10. - 21.11.2024

Rune: ᛃ

Everything has its time. After each storm, there is a time to breathe and rest. Wind down and integrate. Sort yourself first to then call back in your power. Rest is equally important in a cycle as taking action. Progress is not linear. Respect its cyclic nature. 

Sagittarius Season 22.11. - 20.12.2024

Rune: ᛋ

The sun comes back. Light wins. Always. Time to spread your light, joy and confidence, time to play, time to become. 

Capricorn Season 21.12.2024 - 19.01.2025

Rune: ᛖ

The energies are speeding up again. Worlds are shifting. Messages come from outside. You don’t have to be an astronaut to travel through space. You can build your own bridge between the physical and the spiritual world now. 

Aquarius Season 20.01. - 17.02.2025

Rune: ᚨ

You need to detach to get a bird’s perspective. To see the bigger picture. To be free with the eagles, to fly with the dragons. To see magic, art and  beauty, you have to detach yourself from everything that drags you down.

Pisces Season 18.02. - 19.03.2025

Rune: ᚠ

New structures will start to take form. New ideas are streaming in. Compassion is the fertilizer for the soil that all these new seeds are sprouting from.

Spring Equinox And Astrological New Year


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