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Cosmic Energies March 2024

The month starts smooth, or as smooth as it can, considering the fact that all planets are located on the eastern side of the zodiac right now. Did I say all planets? No, there is one rebel that refuses to follow the masses - Lilith. As always, Lilith does not adapt. She goes her own way and refuses to serve (especially in Virgo). Seldom has the spirit of Lilith been captured better than in this cosmic snapshot of the beginning of March 2024.

Anyway, starting smooth, shifting gears in the middle and finishing with a bang, this March first showers us in lots of gentle, dreamy and deeply emotional Pisces Energy before the Astrological New Year starts (as every year with the Spring Equinox, and the Sun moving into Aries) to bring us a whole lot of new beginnings. The month ends with a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse shaking up our emotions and relationships.

Here are the details:

5th: The healing frequency of February's North Node-Chiron Conjunction in Aries still lingers on us and forms a harmonious aspect to Mars in Aquarius. The same day Mercury builds the same aspect to Uranus. Unexpected, new solutions and possibilities could pop up, our intuition is sharp as ever and fuels our drive to follow our true purpose.

8th: Mercury, the way we think, learn and communicate, conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. With Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, influencing our mind with its dreamy, romantic, artistic energy, this might not be the best day to get analytical work done that needs a lot of concentration. Therefore journaling, writing poetry or expressing our creativity in any other form of art is the best way to spend this time.

10th: The gentle New Moon in Pisces gets a little spiced up with Mercury entering Aries and Uranus forming a square to Mars (the ruler of Aries) and a sextile to the Sun. There is a sense of rebellion in the air, so let’s just make sure that we think before we act and focus on all the love and healing energy this Pisces new moon can bring.

12th: Venus, the planet of love & beauty enters Pisces, keeping the unconditional love frequency high.

17th: The Sun and Neptune meet for a romantic rendezvous. A wonderful time to retreat into our own worlds, and connect deeper with our own psychic abilities. If your energy is low, take it easy, go for a swim, have a long nap, spend time in nature and let your system unwind. Remember, the time before one cycle ends and a new one begins is the time to rest, reflect and be still to recollect your power. Think about all that you have achieved and created since March 2023. Feel how you have changed. The next couple of days until the Spring Equinox is your time to get some well deserved rest. 

20th: The Spring Equinox happens at 10:06 am SST by the sun moving into the sign of Aries and marks the beginning of the astrological year. If you can, take a few minutes to meditate into this shift of energy. Feel how the universe holds its breath for a brief moment, when the earth, the sun, the whole cosmos is perfectly balanced. A magical moment of peace and harmony, until the Ram-energy of the sign of Aries shifts our awareness to all things new. Can you feel the tingling sensation from your toes to your fingertips? It’s your desire to create. A new cycle has now begun and the universe wants to see you thrive!

22nd: The Aquarian Pluto pumps all his energy into the Aries Sun through a harmonious Sextile, bringing us power, vitality and strength to start this astrological new year energized and aware of all our potentials. The same day, the still dreamy, romantic and mystical Venus conjuncts Saturn in Pisces for a good old reality check on our relationships and / or finances. With all the Pisces energy that is still present, it is important to keep track of our expectations and make sure we’re not just chasing rainbows.

25th: Bam! The first eclipse of the season is here. A full Moon and partial lunar eclipse at 5° on the Libra/Aries axis will shed light on and bring shifts in our relationships. This eclipse might close a chapter that started around the last solar eclipse in Libra on 14th October 2023.

Happy new year, everybody!

Cosmic Energies March 2024


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