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Cosmic Energies May 2024

The winds of change continue to blow, but in a merrier, more optimistic way and I guess I speak for all of us when I say it is much appreciated after the recent eclipses, Mercury retrograde and Scorpio Full Moon, not to mention the epic Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus that has shaken up so many things.

While these last few months were all about looking at and letting go of old, karmic bonds (that’s why it has been so tough for many of us), the time of new beginnings is here now. It all started with the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus on April 21st, starting a new 14-year cycle, catapulting us into new dimensions of possibilities (We speak of a conjunction when 2 or more planets are aligned and seem to be at the same spot from an earth point of view). Conjunctions always mark the beginning of a new cycle (like the new moon is a conjunction of Sun and Moon). And this May is packed with conjunctions. Many of them in the steady earth sign Taurus, which will assist us with in stabilizing and grounding. 

But let’s look at it step by step:

The rune for this Taurus season (19.04 - 19.05.2024) is ᛟ and the channeled message (from our astrological New Year ceremony) is: 

“Make yourself at home wherever you are. You are your own safe space. Retreat and look within. Connect with your ancestors to strengthen your roots.”

  • 3rd: Pluto turns retrograde at 2° Aquarius until October 12th. During his retrograde phase, Pluto will have one last visit in the sign of Capricorn until, on the 20th of November, he finally settles into Aquarius for the next 20 years. So this retrograde phase will indicate one last toe-dip into old top-down structures that will have no space in the future. If you are still holding on to outworn systems out of fear, then this is your final reminder to let go. The future is here and there is no way back!

  • 07th: Mercury conjuncts Chiron in Aries. A great day for healing conversations and break-through moments of clarity related to your own path and purpose. Perfectly aligned just a day before a new moon cycle starts. Declutter your mind and make space for a new seed to be sown.

  • 08th: The New Moon on 18° Taurus at 10:21 am is a powerful New Moon for manifestation. Not only are the Sun and the Moon aligned, but they’re surrounded by Venus (the ruler of Taurus, representing love, harmony and creativity), Jupiter (expansion and growth) and Uranus (innovation, breaker of chains) who are all supporting this new cycle with their energies. If you can, welcome this new moon out in nature (Taurus represents Mother Earth).

New Moon at 18° Taurus, May 8th 2024

  • 13th: The Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus, serving us the energy to make your manifestations come true. While usually being said to bring a bit of restlessness, this conjunction comes with all the positive aspects of the Moon (our emotions), Lilith (liberation), Saturn (structure) and Neptune (dreams).

  • 16th: Mercury, the way we think, learn and communicate, moves from the fiery Aries into earthy Taurus. Time to check which of our many ideas (Aries) are practical and stable enough for the real life.

  • 18th: Venus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus. When the Goddess of love and beauty meets the big rebel, things are about to get wild, for sure. Unpredicted plot-twists in relationships and finances might heat things up. Normally I would say, if you can’t handle some scorches, don’t play with the flames, but looking at the bigger picture of all the harmonious aspects around this time, I’ll go with “fortune favors the bold!”.

  • 19th: The sun conjuncts Jupiter in Taurus. Our life force energy (the sun) paired with expansion and (spiritual) growth (Jupiter) is said to be one of the most positive aspects of all. Great optimism, confidence and faith are in the air!

  • 20th: Mars conjuncts the North node in Aries. Our willpower (Mars) in combination with our destiny (North node) gives us a big boost of assertiveness when it comes to following our purpose.  Later that day, the sun enters Gemini where everything is about to speed up. The rune for this Gemini season is ᛉ and the channeled message (from our astrological new year ceremony) is:  “You are connected and protected. There will be floods of information, you don’t have to act on any of them. If you want to, make sure you have ALL the details before spreading it on. Make sure you feel the truth of it with every cell of your body for validation. The information from above is subtle, but it’s more valid than the information from below. You can feel the difference.”

  • 23rd: The full Moon at 3° Sagittarius is happening the same day that Venus conjuncts Jupiter (who is the ruler of Sagittarius) on the last degree of Taurus. Expansion, and a longing for truth and peace are the main topics when the greater (Jupiter) and lesser (Venus) benefic come together during this full moon. 

  • 24th: Venus enters Gemini, bringing lightness, a little bit of flirt and a whole lot of fun into our relationships.

  • 26th: Jupiter enters Gemini for about one year! Since Gemini is the flexible air sign of communication, the amplifying power of Jupiter will speed things up in terms of (online) connection, communication and education.

  • 30th: Mars conjuncts Chiron in Aries. If you don’t know it by now, this constellation might bring clarity on who you truly are. If you operate from your ego and are not aligned with your true purpose, the universe might push you in the right direction with a kick in the a**. 

  • 31st: Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is said to be the higher octave of Mercury. So when our mind (Mercury) and our intuition (Uranus) come together, our synapses will ignite so many new ideas that it will need a lot of grounding to keep up with them and to bring them into a physical form (Taurus).

May this month bring the perfect balance of rest and reset for you and may we all keep rising and shining our light unapologetically!

Cosmic Energies May 2024


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