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Gemini Full Moon 27. November 2023

The upcoming Full Moon at 5° Gemini on the 27th of November (at 16:16 here in Cambodia) is one for the mind.

The sun is still in conjunction with Mars, both in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, empowering the Gemini moon to let go of the heaviness of these intense past Scorpio-weeks, to shine its light, explore the world, learn something new, and socialize.

But wait! Not so fast, and not so far, and not so free please! The glittery Sagittarius optimism gets slowed down by Saturn, who stands in a challenging T-Square to the Moon and Sun/Mars. Saturn in Pisces wants this Gemini Full Moon to bring some structure, form and logic into what we have experienced during the Scorpio-Eclipse time before we run off and forget all the valuable lessons we learned. Let’s take this time to evaluate and intellectually integrate, in order to finally and efficiently let go of old paradigms and patterns of thought.

Happy Full Moon, everybody!


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