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My higher Self kissed me Good Morning

woman standing on ruins of ancient temple raising up her arms to the rising sun
sunrise on top of a temple

I woke up with this deeply rooted peace and tranquility today. I was floating. I was fully present in my body, but I was also my surroundings. I felt how I was being held by my bed, but more so by earth itself. By Mama Gaia. By the whole universe. It was the softest I have ever been bedded. 

It felt like I was curled up in the palm of the great Goddess. With my head on her chest, feeling her steady pulse, her warmth, her golden light that she wrapped me in. That beautiful, golden light surrounded me and was flowing through every cell of my body.

Everything was quiet, calm and oh so peaceful. So soft. So safe. There was no terror, no war, no fear. In this moment, the whole universe was in harmony. In balance. At ease. I was whole. I was complete. I was Her. I felt Her on my skin and at the same time there was no skin anymore. No separation. I merged with Her. Completely. I was one with the universe. I was the universe. I am the universe and the universe is me. Is you. Is them.

My higher self kissed me good morning and I have never felt more loved than in this moment. I am Her and She is me. She is you. She is Him. She is all the Gods. She is all the sinners. She is the force that drives us. The force to destroy. To rebuild. To grow. And to love. Embrace your anger. Invite it to your kitchen table. Hear it out. But when it comes to decisions, choose love. Always love. Always Her.


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