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New Moon in Aquarius

This New Moon in Aquarius on the 10th of February 2024 at 05:59am (Cambodian time) is lifting the frequencies tremendously. Can you feel the electricity in your cells? Can you see the flickering energy? Can you hear the buzzing vibration? At this moment our brains are able to rewire our synapses in ways we wouldn’t believe is possible.

Don’t be surprised when you suddenly see the bigger picture, find unexpected solutions or get insights from your higher self in full clarity. Aquarius stands for out of the box thinking, revolutionary change and technological inventions (all things AI).

But it’s not only the new moon that is serving us Aquarian energy. Also Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, stands in a challenging square to the new moon and intensifies the dynamic frequencies around freedom, independence and equality.

In general, this new moon will give us a good first glimpse of what to expect within the next 20 years with Pluto wandering through Aquarius. Humanitarian topics, connecting in unconventional ways, breaking with traditions and creating the future as we go, are only some of the activated topics.

On a personal level we highly recommend to consciously disconnect yourself from the digital world to connect with your inner-net, your higher self, your spiritual team. Listen. Breathe. Be still. The channels are wide open, but these energies are all over the place when we are not centered. So ground yourself as much as possible these days. Walk barefoot, seek tranquility in nature, and drink infused, colloidal, activated, bespoken, however revived, water. Breathwork sessions, Journaling, Sound Healing with Alpha, Theta and Delta waves are good ways to keep you on the ground.

Happy Everything-Is-Possible-New-Moon, everybody!



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