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Of Planets, Pressure And Performance

This is your reminder that you don’t have to do, feel or perform anything during an eclipse (or any other cosmic constellation). It is okay to just sit and watch what is happening within and around you. Yes, eclipse seasons are times for course corrections if necessary, but you don’t have to force them by digging up random trauma from the deepest corners of your soul. The universe will show you if you should take a different path. All you have to do is be open to receive. 

So you don’t have to file for divorce just because the south node is in Libra and you don’t have to quit your job to be your own boss, just because the eclipse is happening in Aries.

In fact, don’t even worry if you don’t feel any of this new-beginnings-taking-action-Aries-energy yet. If you rather curl up in bed, watch “Friends” and eat ice cream than meditate or hold a ceremony, then that is absolutely fine. Be gentle on yourself and trust that the universe knows what it’s doing. As does your soul.

That’s why we will take a little break and spend the next couple of weeks on a remote beach, disconnecting from the online world as much as possible and reconnecting with nature, the cosmos and most importantly ourselves. To observe in full presence what shift this eclipse wants to manifest within us.

Whatever you will do - or not do - is perfect, so let’s welcome the energies of this eclipse with a clear head, a wide open heart and all our gratitude.


Sissi & Hani

Of Planets, Pressure And Performance


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