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Cosmic Energies December 2023

Welcome to December everybody! Now who is in need of a little peace, love and harmony? This month the stars give us a little break from the heaviness of the last weeks and weave optimism, healing and joy into our field.

The Sun and Mars continue their hand-in-hand dance through the sign of Sagittarius which gives us the energy to move beyond, explore and follow our visions. Neptune turns direct on the 6th and gives our compassion, sensitivity and empathy a massive boost. The 5 months of his retrograde phase were a big reality check, forcing us to take off our rose colored glasses and see the sometimes very harsh reality, but these periods are much needed to not lose ourselves in illusions. Having made certain course corrections, Neptune (in its own sign of Pisces!) now invites us to dream, hope and feel deeply again.

During the time between the 8th and the 20th Mercury, Lilith and Jupiter build a grand trine to each other (A trine brings ease and harmony, joy and acceptance). Jupiter, the planet of optimism, faith and growth pumps his positive energies into Mercury (our mind, thoughts and our way to communicate) on one side, and into Lilith (our subconsciousness, shadow-aspects, what wants to be looked at to become our full and free self) on the other. Plus, Sun and Mars build another trine to Chiron, the wounded healer. This is a truly magical time of positive thoughts, open conversations and deep soul-healing!

Especially the New Moon on the 13th has tremendous power of positive change, when in addition to all the above mentioned constellations, Mercury turns retrograde (inviting us to turn inwards and see things in retrospect) and Venus comes into play as the focal planet of a so-called Kite. This rare and very special formation on the sky can bring the deepest healing, especially into our feminine side (with Venus and Lilith in such a soothing aspect). No coincidence that our Black Moon Lilith Ceremony takes place on this special day!

Also the Yule/Christmas days have the potential to unify rather than divide and bring much harmony and joy. Scorpio-Venus forming a trine to Pisces-Neptune (the higher octave of Venus - infinite love is in the air!) amplifies the Christmas spirit of forgiving, kindness and selflessness.

And as the cherry on top, Jupiter ends his retrograde phase on December 31st, so we can start the new year with all planets direct - energy, heading forward and great optimism is the theme!!

Have a wonderful December, full of joy, magic and love, everybody. Let's all dive deep into these high, peaceful frequencies the universe is sending our way.

In love and light,



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